Canoe Foundation

A resourcing strategy for generating funds


Canoe Foundation is focused on providing safe access to rivers and waterways and campaigning to ensure that water quality is as high as possible. The Foundation engaged Philanthropy Company in 2021 to develop a case for support and a resourcing strategy for generating funds from the general public, HNWIs and foundations.


Our work included creating a compelling case for support, prospect identification and income stream development advice.  The case for support focused on a project to improve access points to rivers and waterways which are crucial for enabling more people to use this natural environment safely.  This is turn has environmental benefit as canoeists, kayakers and other paddlers are vital to the ecosystem of a river. They often collect snagged debris and plastic waste that is accumulating in natural habitats and the paddlesport network of clubs and communities organise hundreds of clean ups every year, relying on access points to get in and out of a waterway safely.


During the next few years, the Canoe Foundation’s principal focus will be on boosting participation via the creation and maintenance of essential infrastructure which will help to improve the health of the UK’s waterways.

“Philanthropy Company helped us think through our Revenue Fundraising Strategy, create a compelling case for support and research prospects. It gave us confidence that we were focusing in the right areas and helped us hone our skills in making the ask to donors.” Mary Rose Trust

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