We are a fundraising agency with a big vision: to grow philanthropy to achieve a better world.

Caroline Underwood speaks at Philanthropy Company event

Caroline Underwood speaks at Philanthropy Company event

Philanthropy Company is a fundraising consultancy dedicated to providing strategic advice, practical support and expert training for charitable organisations, philanthropists and corporate donors seeking to improve lives and transform futures.

Since our founding in 2002, we’ve been helping clients across all sectors achieve great things: providing relief to families in times of crisis, helping veterans, supporting churches fundraise for their heritage assets, growing international programmes, supporting disaster relief, building hospitals, schools, universities galleries, concert halls, and nurturing the talent and potential of students.

Our team is made up of highly experienced and deeply committed fundraisers with diverse experiences from working with non-profit organisations across the UK and internationally.  Each of us has individually solicited significant gifts from high net-worth individuals, corporates or trusts.

We know what works and what doesn’t in fundraising. We will always provide advice within the realms of the achievable – along with a healthy dose of positive attitude and practical support whenever required. And, where we don’t have the in-house expertise ourselves, we collaborate with external partners to ensure we provide a seamless service that meets all your needs.

“They quickly understood our challenges and came up with practical and deliverable solutions for us to implement to help grow funding for young people leaving care in Britain.”
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“Philanthropy Company helped us think through our Revenue Fundraising Strategy, create a compelling case for support and research prospects. It gave us confidence that we were focusing in the right areas and helped us hone our skills in making the ask to donors.” Mary Rose Trust

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