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16th May 2023

Ten Factors to Consider in Fundraising

ten factors to consider in fundraising

Working with a wide range of clients, we have identified the ‘top 10 success factors to consider in fundraising for philanthropy:

Factor 1: A strong organisational vision which can be communicated succinctly by all members of senior leadership.

Factor 2: Credible, compelling and knowledgeable leaders, who are prepared  and able to commit a significant proportion of their time to the art of engaging donors.

Factor 3: Demonstrable features that mark your work as unique. What impact do your programmes have? How is this demonstrated?

Factor 4: A simple explanation of your overall funding structure that can be shared with donors. Why are you looking for funds?

Factor 5: An inspiring articulation of the difference that will be achieved by a donation.

Factor 6: Volunteer leaders at the highest levels in your organisation willing to give time, energy and resources to your campaign.

Factor 7: A clear fundraising strategy. How much will be invested in fundraising? Agreeing a coherent fundraising strategy internally taking into account competition, changes in the environment and the most likely sources of support. A consideration of all fundraising aspects including capital fundraising, endowment and revenue fundraising, legacies and other income sources.

Factor 8: Sound prospect identification, research, profile development and a cultivation plan. How will you identify prospects?

Factor 9: A professional and committed fundraising team with competence in IT, database, prospect research, financial and impact reporting.

Factor 10: The commitment from other departments (such as HR, marketing and communications,  IT) to understand and support your needs.

Do you have what it takes? Ten key factors to consider in fundraising and to make it successful.

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