How we work

We work in partnership with our clients to find solutions and opportunities.

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Step 1: Can we help?

Most clients are referred to us through the personal recommendation of Trustees and Board members or through our own professional networks. We usually begin with a phone call to explore how we might be able to help you. If we don’t think we can actually make a difference to your organisation, we will say so.

Step 2: The Brief

If we think we can help you the next step is to meet with you to discuss your needs in more detail. This can be at your place of work or via a skype call. We shape the brief with you and ensure expectations are clear before we start any contracts. We do not charge for this meeting.

Step 3: The Proposal

Once the brief is clear, we prepare a detailed proposal describing how we expect to undertake the work. This includes full details of fees. You then decide if you are happy to proceed.

Step 4: Contract

We exchange a contractual letter of agreement. We commit, and confirm in our letter of agreement, that we will keep all aspects of your charity confidential and only share details with other Philanthropy Company colleagues.

Step 5: Implementation

We work closely with you and provide regular updates on key deliverables, so that you always know where you are.

Step 6: Review and client feedback

At the end of the contract or at a specified period, we review progress with you.


We usually work on a retainer basis charging a monthly fee payable in advance. This will be agreed with you before we start. Fees are based on the scale and length of the contract. We keep costs to a minimum and are transparent about any expenses.

In accordance with Institute of Fundraising guidelines, we do not work on a commission basis or charge a percentage of amounts raised.
We do not guarantee that funds will be raised.

Contact us now to discuss how we can work with you.

"Philanthropy Company took our brief, thoroughly researched Goalball UK, spoke to people, listened (which so many consultancies don’t) and prepared a report that is pragmatic, achievable and if implemented will change our landscape forever." Goalball UK

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