Donor Advisory Services

As a private or corporate donor you want to be sure your giving makes a difference.

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We provide a specialist advisory service to help donors navigate the complexities of giving, and make the positive impacts they seek.

For individual donors

Philanthropy should be rewarding. However, for many donors, the process of philanthropy remains fraught with difficult decisions. How do you decide which charity to support? How much should you give to make a real difference? How will you know what the impact of your gift has been? What will they do when you stop giving?

Let us take the guesswork out of giving and connect you with the communities you want to support.

  • We’ll take the time to understand your values and find the right project for you.
    There are many things to consider in making your choice, and we’ll come back with recommendations solely for you, considering location, target group, programmatic approach, sustainability, risk, scale of project and type of organisation.
  • We’ll sift through the detail for you.
    There are thousands of worthy causes out there – more than 167,000 registered charities in the UK alone. This presents a vast range of options for the donor. You can choose from projects ranging from community initiatives and the provision of direct services to cutting-edge research seeking to tackle root causes.
  • We’ll go beyond national boundaries.
    International giving is becoming easier and this presents a whole host of new opportunities. We will help you navigate the options available to you.
  • We’ll ask all the right questions on your behalf.
    Giving to charity, especially one with programmes abroad, presents natural concerns. We will conduct rigorous due diligence on the charities we present to you, to ensure your donation will end up in right hands.
  • We’ll help you to understand the impact of your donation. Measuring impact is notoriously tricky, and means of measurement depend entirely on the type of organisation and project you have chosen.
  • We’ll be the first port of call for all your giving needs. If you give multiple gifts to different organisations, it can be time consuming to keep track of activities across your portfolio. With us, the relationship with your recipient charities will be taken care of – entirely on your terms. You can have as much or as little contact with each charity and its beneficiaries as you like.
  • We’ll manage the process from start to finish. From our first conversation with you right through to the completion of your chosen projects, we will initiate and implement your programmes for you, from start to finish – ensuring that your philanthropic interests are managed to the standard you would expect of any other area of your life.

For corporates

Why do some corporate responsibility programmes stand out from the crowd? What are the secrets to staff engagement, Board involvement and stakeholder collaboration? Making charitable donations and / or stewarding donations from employees and other partners can be challenging if not executed properly. Conversely, a well-planned and implemented corporate giving programme can deliver transformational results.

We can help you to:

  • Review your existing corporate responsibility programmes, evaluating impact, engagement and relevance
  • Identify causes that resonate with your organisation
  • Inspire your employees to want to get involved
  • Select strong partners
  • Develop operational tools for effective programme management (including financial, reporting, communications
  • Train your staff to effectively manage corporate responsibility programmes

Read our blog about common challenges that companies face when developing and delivering charitable giving programmes.

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