Martha Jennings






Martha Jennings is a non-profit business development professional with a background in Silicon
Valley tech marketing particularly in emerging global markets. At the beginning of her career
Martha worked at Tandem Computers expanding their business through mergers and acquisitions
in Japan, Korea, Pakistan, and China. Subsequently Martha was Director of Marketing for ViRx, a
Burr Egan & Deleage venture backed biotech start-up focusing on the AIDS epidemic.
Over the past ten years, Martha has worked with Save the Children UK developing and securing
funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the EVERYONE Campaign, a global program
for Maternal Child Health. Following this, Martha worked at UNHCR and the Qatar Foundation
on developing a tech innovation program for out-of-school children; and at UNDP where she
developed and secured funding for the Global Health Innovation Technology fund (GHIT) a public
private partnership with the Japanese Government, Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies, and the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the discovery, access and delivery of new global health
technologies for infectious diseases.

For the past five years, Martha has been working with social tech start-ups developing their scaleup
plans and securing funding for work in Africa and Asia. Working directly for founders in San
Francisco, Johannesburg, London, and Brussels, Martha has researched and advised on business
models, growth strategy, partnership engagement and agreements, intellectual property,
program measurement and evaluation, recruitment, technical platforms, and advisory and board
recruitment. For this, Martha has developed a strong global network of funders, innovators, policy
makers, and academics interested in tech innovation particularly in health and education.
Martha graduated from Wellesley College and has Master’s Degrees from the University of
California at Berkeley in Asian Studies and Theology. She is a member of Chatham House in
London, and an advisor to the Albright Institute at Wellesley College, MA.