Andrew Evans






After doing a law degree, Andrew decided that being a lawyer would be boring, became a fundraiser and never looked back!

Andrew has secured seven figure donations from both individual donors and grantmakers across the charity world in areas including health, social care, community groups and arts and culture.

In his last full-time role National Museums Liverpool he developed plans for the expansion of the International Slavery Museum, which have recently received a £10m grant and delivered China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors, the largest museum exhibition ever in the north of England.

As a consultant, Andrew has worked on fundraising, business planning and training for museums, galleries, local authorities, universities and a range of charities, including Northumbria University, the Equilibrium Foundation, the Archbishop’s Council of the Church of England, and Ecclesiastical Insurance.

Andrew is also experienced in delivering strategic transformation, not just in fundraising teams, but across organisations in order to make them more resilient and effective in delivering their financial needs and their mission.