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11th December 2020

Festive Fearless Fundraisers : looking back at what has given us hope in 2020

What a year. For all the trials and tribulations it sent our way, it did provide at least one positive. During the first lockdown, we were delighted to launch Fearless Fundraisers, Philanthropy Company’s forum created to address the challenges of isolation which so many of us were facing, professionally as well as personally.

Throughout the course of the year, Fearless Fundraisers has continued to grow in size, relevance, and (judging by some of the Christmas hats, jumpers, earrings and zoom backdrops on display!), its sense of humor.

For our last session in 2020, we shared highlights and positives from this challenging year, a task which may have proved understandably difficult for some but demonstrated the positivity, resilience and fearlessness of the wider Philanthropy Company family.

Highlights included a growing awareness and acknowledgment by large national organisations, as well as individuals, that “we can do better” in respect to challenging inequality in our society and in our sector. This sense of opportunity coupled with an increased feeling of togetherness and community in all its forms was undoubtedly a positive this year.

We found hope in the response to initiatives such as the National Emergencies Trust as a light in dark times, as well as the opportunity some had to work on inspiring and urgent initiatives with incredible sector colleagues. The discovery of new heroes like Captain Sir Tom Moore who we can look up to and be inspired by, has served to remind us that 2020 has had some gems.

What really galvanized the positive spirit of our fundraisers, wasn’t the mulled wine masquerading as tea, but the feeling that we as fundraisers have a job to do. Most causes need cash to do what they do and as part of a bigger picture it is the art and science of fundraising that helps propel good ideas into existence and maintains vital services at a time of urgent need.

Fundraising can be a lonely place, beset by setbacks and increasing competition for contracts and resources. Fearless Fundraisers was launched to provide connection, collaboration and mutual support during a difficult time. Inspired by the positive feedback we have received from our network, we are delighted to have taken the decision to continue and expand upon the series in 2021.

In a relatively short space of time, Fearless Fundraisers has grown in scope and numbers. With plans now in place for next year, new guest speakers lined up and more looking to join, this forum of fundraisers born out of adversity, is looking good to help 2021 be a better year. Happy Christmas!

Fearless Fundraisers

“It really felt as though the Philanthropy Company got behind the RA’s aims and objectives to formulate a clear, thoughtful and robust approach.” Royal Academy

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