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How can you know that your donation will make the difference you hope for?

We work with companies, trusts, foundations and private individuals to help make giving more effective. Our services include helping donors identify credible causes that most resonate for them, measuring the impacts and effects of giving, managing and monitoring relationships across a portfolio of philanthropic activities, and navigating options beyond national boundaries. Whatever purpose you are committed to and cause you care about, we can help ensure your donation is best used.

Corporate giving and social purpose

Today, many companies realise the value of having corporate giving and social purpose integrated into their business strategy.  Social purpose gives direction to decision making, working alongside profit, encouraging loyalty amongst employees and customers and addressing some negative impacts.  Whether it’s a corporate or employee giving programme, a community benefit scheme or charity partnership, companies have huge opportunities to have greater impact through social purpose.

We help companies identify the causes that resonate most with their employees, customers and business activity.  We work with Boards, communications and ESG teams to navigate how best to create or develop giving programmes, partnerships, community and social investment activities, and assess how to maximise their impact.

Private and family philanthropy

Giving to charity or considering how best to do so? How will your gift be used to make an impact and a real difference to the causes you and your family support?

We work alongside a number of advisers and family offices to provide bespoke philanthropy advice that helps donors navigate the complexities of giving from start to finish. We can either work directly with you or via your existing advisers. For example, we are trusted advisers to Ispahani Advisory Limited which provides expertise for family businesses on business strategy, governance, strategic philanthropy, people, and education.

Philanthropy should be rewarding. However, for many donors, the process of philanthropy remains fraught with difficult decisions. How will you involve your family? How do you decide which charity to support? How much should you give to make a real difference? How will you know what the impact of your gift has been?

Our team is made up of highly experienced and deeply committed donor advisors with diverse experiences from working with non-profit organisations across the UK and internationally.

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