Green Man Trust

Photo credit © The Eavesdropper, 2021 – Freya Dooley. Photo by Kirsty McLachlan, Green Man Festival 2021.

Green Man Trust: Engaging communities to increase income

Green Man is a festival all about opportunities – from supporting emerging artists and offering real-world professional training, to getting people engaged with science and inspiring positive change in our communities.

The Green Man Trust was created to give these opportunities a life of their own, at the Festival and all year round.


As the Green Man Festival hits its 20th birthday this year, the Green Man Trust wanted to grow the social impact work that they have been orchestrating and funding at the Festival. In order to do this, they wanted to develop and diversify their income streams, creating more opportunities to fund their wide-reaching work. 


Philanthropy Company supported the Green Man Trust through identifying areas of untapped potential within their current supporter base, conducting research into potential new funders and refining their messaging, including the writing of the Trust’s Case for Support. Philanthropy Company has been delighted to work alongside Green Man Trust and look forward to seeing their fantastic work continue to grow in scale and impact. 


“The Green Man Trust is a small charity and needed a fresh look at its fundraising capacity and strategy to be able to grow sustainability. At this step-change in our development, drawing on and working with Caroline, Joanna and the wider team at Philanthropy Co was invaluable and enlightening. They not only brought in a wealth of expertise that delivered tangible results but also had a friendly, tailored and committed approach which meant they truly understood what makes our organisation unique and what solutions would work best for us. We couldn’t recommend them enough.” 

Fiona Stewart, Chair Green Man Trust.

“It really felt as though the Philanthropy Company got behind the RA’s aims and objectives to formulate a clear, thoughtful and robust approach.” Royal Academy

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