The Share Foundation


The Share Foundation was set up by Gavin Oldman in February 2005. Its aim is to help young people leave care at the age of 18 with both the material resources and knowledge to achieve their potential. Since it was established, the foundation has been working with the government’s two investment initiatives for young people: the Child Trust Fund and the Junior ISA.


The challenge

The Foundation wanted to assess the potential of raising additional funds through trusts and foundations.


Our response

We helped the Foundation assess and evaluate its pool of prospects as well as develop a strong case for support. We conducted area specific prospect research to draw up a long and short list of potential donors.



“As a new organisation led by a philanthropist and funded through donations we were grateful for the advice and support given to us by the Philanthropy Company. They quickly understood our challenges and came up with practical and deliverable solutions for us to implement to help grow funding for young people leaving care in Britain.”

Gavin Oldham, Philanthropist & Founder of the Share Foundation

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