The Philanthropy Company delivers through our team of experienced consultants and fundraising managers who provide strategic advice, coaching, interim leadership and hands-on support for all your fundraising and philanthropic activities.

Philanthropy Company has an expert network of providers associated with fundraising and philanthropy who bring credible and specialist skills from across the charity, business and public sectors. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and how our wider team can support you. With skills covering everything from marketing, evaluation and copy-writing to branding, coaching and market research, our network will include the expert you are looking for. Our experts work closely as a part of our team to deliver for our clients and independently with their own clients.  

“Philanthropy Company helped us think through our Revenue Fundraising Strategy, create a compelling case for support and research prospects. It gave us confidence that we were focusing in the right areas and helped us hone our skills in making the ask to donors.” Mary Rose Trust

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